Playing a Hand

Video poker has many variations, however the basics to play them are pretty universal. The games usually allow you to wager once per hand, often the advice given is to bet as much as your bank roll can support over your playing time. Does a hand take you two minutes to play and you want to play for at least 20 minutes? That’s at least 10 hands so divide your bank roll into to ten parts and start your wagers there. Winnings can be reinvested into later hands or used to extend playing time.  Applying a game play and bank roll strategy gives you a better long-term opportunity to win big cash prizes.


When you are ready, press or select the Deal button. You will then receive five cards that are already discovered. Look at your cards and decide which cards you want to hold in place and which ones you want to discard. Choose the cards you want to keep or change and, select the “Draw” button for replacement cards and to realize your final hand. Is your strategy working? If so stick with it! This might be your hot hand! If not then reconsider your gameplay goals and approach with a fitting strategy.

A few Additional Wrinkles:

Royal Hands

In most video poker versions there is a much higher payment for a sequential Royal Flush than any other hand. This requires the cards to be drawn in order from left to right, 10-J-Q-K-A of the same suit. Some games will also pay out for an inverted following sequence, which is the Royal Flush that goes from right to left.  Regardless of how it comes out a royal flush is going to be a huge payout so keep on the lookout for one when your cards and your strategy match up!

Double or nothing

So you won your first video poker with real money, well done! However, before getting your money, you have two options on many games: You can decide to collect your winnings, which is fine for small earnings strategies, but you can also choose a risker strategy and play a high card to double your earnings. The screen will show five cards, one face up. Just click on one of the cards face down, and if it is higher than the first card, you can double your money, cool right? Remember, if you reveal a lower card, you will lose your money.

Wild Cards

Some video poker games have wild cards, which give you more chances to win. However, they also often have a higher qualified minimum hand. This is a trade off, better odds for earning for the player balances out by better odds for earnings for the casino. This can be viewed as a raising of the stakes. Wildcard games are like slot machines with wild icons: they can convert hands that aren’t quite winners into sure things, but be careful to check the pay tables for common hands may have lower payouts than non wild card games. Wild card games often encourage risker goals and betting strategies but offer great challenge for players of all skill levels.


Some poker games offer progressive or independent jackpots. Which are the maximum payouts in the game. Some games, like Jacks, will have a far larger prize pool when a player hits a straight flush when betting the maximum limit, or when you pull 4 of a kind, or even when you pull cards in certain positions. Game rules vary so check the rules and pay tables to find that game that fits you.

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