Video poker has been a staple of casino offerings since the ’70s and is one of the more popular forms of casino games both live and in the best online casinos.

Players can now enjoy the same real-money video poker games that are offered in physical locations from the convenience of your home on wide range of devices including Phones, Tablets, Mac & PC computers.

Video Poker is a great option for players who love skill games, low house limits and the potential to win some lucrative jackpots.

There are a huge amount of betting strategies and a diversity of poker offerings making it hard for many players to choose a favorite, but fear not we will help outline some common strategies that the beginner and veteran player alike can try out.


The primary strategy of any Video Poker game is to build the best hand. You do this by keeping cards that match your strategy and discarding any amount of cards that doesn’t match up to your strategy. Whether a players chooses to play safely and keep more cards or takes some risks and tries to build a stronger hand is completely up to the player and the cards that have been dealt.  This dynamic adds to the diversity, challenge and fun of the game.

We will discuss how to play a hand in part 2 but a savvy player will do a few things in advance of playing.

Set a gameplay goal, are you looking for a quick 20 min session or planning for a longer play period? Are you looking to test out a new game out of slots, poker and table games?  Or are you trying to relax with an old trusted video poker favorite. Win or lose, setting a gameplay goal always helps your enjoyment and experience.

Looking at game pay tables helps players judge potential trade ups into stronger hands, figure out the game odds and determine if they want to play that particular game. Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Deuces & Jokers Wild are a few of the video poker games.

When taking a draw, keep your game strategy and your gameplay goal in mind. When keeping or discarding cards, seeking to accomplish your chosen strategy will help you enjoy your play longer and finish with your best hand.

Bank roll management is useful to keep maximizing your game play enjoyment and potential winnings. Figure out how long you want to play and use that to determine your initial betting strategy.

Lastly, decide in advance what you want to do with any winnings. Are you re-investing them in this game session, are you going to keep them on your bank roll for a different game or take them home as earnings? A savvy player plans for both their long term entertainment and for potential success.

A Sample Game.

For example, let’s say you’re looking for a few quick hands to pass the time between the early NHL games and the late ones. You like the pay table and have an extra $100 from last session’s winning on Jacks or Better. Your starting hand consists of: Jh (Jack of Hearts), Jc (Jack of Clubs), Ah (Ace of Hearts), 2h (Two of Hearts), 3h (Three of Hearts).  This is a great starting hand with some lucky draws, if you were in for a longer session keeping the jacks and playing it safe might be a better strategy to net some winnings, but there’s a color project out there that a riskier short term strategy can take advantage of.

A player could potentially earn a larger payout if they went for all Hearts. By trading in the Jc and trying to draw a heart to ending up with a Flush (5 cards of the same color). Potential winnings on a flush could be five times larger than turning in a pair (the two jacks). An example like the above is why looking at the pay tables and determining playing strategy and goals in advance of playing is essential. The next step up would be to try and calculate the approximate odds of improving your hand against the increase in potential earnings of the various game options, but that’s an altogether different lesson.

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