As time goes by, technology takes massive steps in all aspects of life as we strive to make it better. The world of casino games has not been left behind. Lots of impressive developments are ever being introduced to make the games better, more interactive, and most of all, enjoyable. Consequently, users are all getting hooked to this fantastic experience. Statistics show that over the last decade, online casino gaming has increased by 15%, while the onsite physical gaming has dropped by 5%.

Some of the trends that have come along with the advancement in technology as of 2019 include:

Use of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have come to revolutionize the whole art of gaming by offering better and safer ways of playing. This currency operates independent of an individual’s banking accounts, cutting off any loopholes that may be used by marauding fraudsters. Consequently, the safety of players is guaranteed. Most legal systems are coming to terms with the use of Bitcoin and accepting it as a form of legal tender for conducting online business. Therefore, casinos that have adopted the use of Bitcoin are not at friction with any legal system.

Virtual Reality

Technology has dictated that you can sit down in your office, home or wherever you please and compete with other players virtually. The virtual reality headset has joined the latest trends for mobile casino games in 2019, and it has gained popularity since it saves you time and the hustles of traveling to casinos. Furthermore, the level of interactivity and socialization is just like you are on the physical playing table. For casino owners, virtual reality cuts the running costs of casinos significantly, which makes it a win-win situation.

Wearable Technology

Far more interesting, is the fact that you can play on your watch! With your Samsung smartwatch, you have the option of engaging in some slot games including the famous Dark Knight Rises. All an individual has to do is surf on games websites and effortlessly acquire the game. The smartwatch business is expected to hit the roof by 2020 with an estimated valuation of $ 30 billion. Consequently, many people are expected to own such watches, and in the long run, more players will use this platform to play. With accommodating adjustments made such as improved interactivity, wearable technology will revolutionize casino gaming.

Enhanced Security

Fraudstershackers and burglars are always lurking to relieve players of their hard-earned money. As such, most casinos are working around the clock to seal any openings for such pests. Moreover, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) rules have to be adhered to religiously by all casinos. New security drills such as the use of facial recognition and fingerprints will be the order of the day in carrying out any monetary transactions in casinos in 2019.

Improved Live Casino

Technology allows players to play through live videos on their electronic devices. Although this type of casino has been in use for a while, its development is relatively low. Two gaming corporations, Evolution and NetEnt Live, monopolize this field and offer mostly two playing markets, the Roulette and the Baccarat. This type of casino might not be so popular owing to the high cost of running. It entails having an effectively working croupier and camera crew. However, with the development of new exciting games, the popularity levels are rising.

Mobile Take On

With the recent technological advancement, playing games is no longer limited to sitting on a laptop or a desktop. Mobile phones are taking over the field, and their popularity is rising rapidly. Most mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, have been enabled to support a variety of slot games. This versatility has been facilitated by increasing their storage capacities, internet connectivity, and bandwidth.

Slot games that were previously only played on desktops and laptops are now accessible on mobile devices. This way, the art of gaming has also been consequently made portable. Besides, joining in the fun has never been easier. According to 918KISS, you can download mobile casino games on both Android and iOS platforms, and you will be guided in the process of installing the games. With games on your mobile phone, you do not have to visit the nearest casino to play your favorite game. The convenience of being able to take your game with you is what most players appreciate mobile casino gaming.

More Regulations on Gambling

With the accessibility of mobile casino games with the swipe or press of a button, a dangerous ship is in the offing. Gambling addiction is a problem that cannot be assumed. 2019 will see strict regulations on betting to help curb addiction. However, such rules are not expected to hurt the casino playing experience.

It is clear as day that mobile casino gaming is a whole new exciting experience in 2019. New features have been offered by new technological advancements that will improve the entire experience. Even when you cannot meet with your friends, you can catch up as you play by chatting with them. Besides, it also affords you the chance to make new friends while competing with players around the globe.


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